Tuesday, January 24, 2006

short but sweet

well i have returned and i must say that after last nights election i'm not sure i will be returning to canada after our stay here in boulder is done until the conservatives are gone. more on that another day.

i've been a bit busy over the last couple of months and now that things have settled down i plan to get back to posting some thoughts and adventures every so often.

i've started training for my big climb up longs peak this summer, i've started working at both our church and a local rec centre in the child care departments and i have been asked to stay on at williams-sonoma on a permanent basis. although i now have three jobs i only work about 10- 15 hours a week and kai and i are busier than ever. i'm really excited about the climb up longs, it is going to be awesome. i think i've caught mountaineering fever.

well off to make lunch for the little man, once again it will be peanut butter and jam, his favourite.

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