Monday, February 27, 2006

it's like i'm in the tropics today

many of you may hate me after this but that's life.

today it is 21 degrees celsius (70 degrees fahrenheit for our new american friends) and tomorrow it will be much the same. colorado has awesome weather. the summer was great, almost no humidity. this winter has been somewhat unusual with the warmer temps and only three or four snowfalls for boulder. mind you the monsoons will be starting and we can still get a fair bit of snowfall into may but that's ok.

i think i need to put on some shorts before i go and brush jake outside this afternoon.

remember when you go outside wear a toque. it will keep you warm.


Katie Gibbons said...

I'm jealous! Is -15 with the windchill in Toronto today :( I miss the Chinooks we used to have in Calgary growing up, especially on days like today.

meg & critch said...

Two nights ago it was -32 here in The Port. Maybe we should pack up and move in with you guys. Are there mechanic jobs in Boulder?