Friday, March 24, 2006

home on the range

as becky has mentioned two weeks have passed by on her trip to mexico, one week has almost come to an end as a single parent. last week my mom (marianne) and my aunt jill were here for a great visit. they left bright and early sunday morning, so kai and i have been on our own ever since. because it was just the two of us i decided that we should go out a bit more at night than we usually do during the week, it has certainly made the week go by faster. i also worked at the rec centre four days this week which helped as well. kai and i are are doing well and each time he asks for his mom i tell him how many days until she comes home. when i told him today seven more days, he said " no today daddy". he will usually ask when he is in trouble and i am getting cross with him. outside of these times he has been doing great.

as becky has previously posted we went to the banff mountain film festival not too long ago. while there we took a look at the booths of the different sponsoring companies and non -profits represented. one of these booths was the colorado mountain club, which was gong to be holding a draw for a free one year membership. becky and i both entered and low and behold just last week they called to tell me i had won. i received a free membership as well as a choice between two courses they offer, i picked their basic rock school. for two nights in april i will attend lectures and then three climbing field trips. the really nice thing about this whole thing is that becky was going to give me a climbing course for my birthday and now instead of spending the money on a course i can buy my own gear and not have to rent or borrow.

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