Saturday, March 17, 2007

Signs of spring

Happy Irish Day, everyone... Look what I saw this afternoon while I was sitting under the tree in our front yard:


I should really go to bed... it's been a long, rather productive, very enjoyable day. Except for the part where we went to the dentist. That was just necessary. Kai has a cross-bite, which I kind of figured out myself a few weeks ago. I had one, too. We can expect to have to go to an orthodontist someday.

Speaking of signs of spring, I went garage sale-ing this morning and found this pretty little mirror:

It's not very big, but I've been wanting a mirror for my office, and I think this one will do the trick.


Tye said...

here we had snow, snow and more snow.....hopefully gone soon

Mary-LUE said...

This may be too personal, but you've mentioned your work dealing with climate change AND you live in Colorado, I was wondering if you work at a place which is mentioned in this article:

Climate Change

(Feel free to ignore/delete this comment or reprimand me harshly for getting too nosy!)

Becky said...

No worries, Mary - the truth is, someone who was determined to learn where I work would likely figure it out pretty quickly (especially from the "science" link which includes some of the finer details of the field studies I participated in last year.) So yeah - that is where I work, but oddly, there are about 4 places in Boulder that could have been just as likely, if not more. :) I'm not actually a climate scientist myself - I study chemistry related to air pollution and photochemistry. I'm just interested in climate change as are most atmospheric scientists.