Tuesday, August 16, 2005

feeling ill

there isn't anything i dislike more than vomitting. nothing happened but it sure felt like my breakfast was coming up on more than one occasion today. kai on the other hand did just that a couple of weeks ago. i can clean it up but i just don't like doing it myself.

on the weekend becky and i will be climbing bear peak. the elevation is about 8500 ft. our starting elevation will be about 6100 ft. the east face is steep and has lots of rock to hike over. we tried the northwest approach with kai once but with his weight in the backpack and then his complaining because of our insistence of him going back in the backpack after breaks just got to be too much. so on saturday we will be leaving him with gary and nancy hornbrook while we try again. he does love his time in the mountains though.
pictures will be posted on the shoppers site on either monday or tuesday. if anyone doesn't have the link to the shoppers site let us know and we can give it to you.

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