Friday, June 16, 2006

Retracing our steps

If you build it, they will pass through briefly on their way from Colorado to Ontario.

We come to you live from just inside the western edge of Iowa. Thanks to the NCAA baseball tourney booking out all the rooms in a 50 mile radius of Omaha, we found ourselves a little further than we'd originally planned today. No worries - we still made pretty decent time, and now we have an hour less to do tomorrow on our way to Tinley Park, a Chicago suburb where my cousin lives with her husband and their two boys.

I digress. Back to Iowa. It's a strange little place. I've been here only once before - on the way from Ontario to Colorado, just over a year ago. The world is certainly more lush here than in western Nebraska and eastern Colorado. There are trees, and not just any trees, trees that grow unaided by human intervention... not so in the desolate plains of eastern CO.

Our little Super 8 hotel room, a queen size with a crib mattress that we're hauling all over N. America for Kai, is mostly darkened right now, even though it's only 9 PM (CDT) - 8 ish, for us MDTers. Kai is tossing and turning on his mattress, but at least he's staying put... for the most part. Sleeping in a hotel room with us has never come easy to him. The fact that he doesn't sleep in the car (only twice that I can think of, over the past 2 years, and they were for less than 20 minutes each) means that he should be good and tired. I know I am.

I think I expected that I'd be a little more informative tonight. I think the tiredness/lack of sleep is catching up on me. I suppose I'll write more later, when there are lots of new Ontario adventures to talk about.

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Drive safely you guys!