Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'm procrastinating. I have been on the phone what seems like all evening, and although I really should work on the two papers I've just had returned to me from the reviewers, I'd rather post a couple pictures and catch up on the last week or so of life in our household.

First, late last week, this goodie arrived in the mail from sweet Sara + h:

and inside was this pretty little washcloth: (thanks!)

On Sunday, we went to a local pumpkin patch. Good fun all around. It was quite warm, and I almost regretted not wearing shorts.

Then today, Mother Nature remembered that it's supposed to be October, and made it possible for us to create this little friend for Kai. We actually made a second after I took this picture, but it was already very dark by the time we were done... I'm excited because I don't think we ever had a significant amount of packing snow last year, so this was a big treat! (Generally the snow here is either to sparse or too dry and fluffy to make anything.)

Thankfully, I had JUST YESTERDAY picked up a new pair of snowpants for Kai. Perfect timing!

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