Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I know. It's been over a week since I last posted. We won't talk about Keith... in his defense, he has been just as busy, if not more. In the lull of life returning to normal after my folks left, it has been difficult to come up with a reason to post. More importantly, it's been difficult to prioitize it. I don't know if it's a guilt thing, but for the similar reasons I have been unable to comtemplate sewing, knitting or even baking lately, and yet I can still find time to veg in front of the TV.

Well, I've been TRYING to veg in front of the TV. Is it just me, or is TV lacking this year? I'm down to only 2 shows that I feel like I really want to make time for (I'll give you a hint - they're both about being trapped on an island). Otherwise, it's flip-flip-flip... give up... power button...

So the guilt. Am I posting because I feel guilty NOT posting? Or should I feel guilty for not working?

... pause ...

Case in point. I wrote the above yesterday morning. It has taken until today to actually justify coming back and finishing the post. Evidently, the not-working guilt won over.

I have an incentive this time. Keith took some pictures yesterday, and I'm in love with a couple of them. I'll share them in a moment.

But first, how to break out of the funk. The tedium? The ennui? No... both words indicate a sense of boredom. This is more of an in-between-ness. A waiting... hopeful, but anxious.

Whatever. I think the problem is that I have too much to do to be introspective. I have a flow controller that I need to go callibrate, so that I can run my experiment at some seriously low NO/O2 ratios to determine what happens to the alpha values. Yeah. Super-interesting stuff, I know.

Okay. Yes. Here are the photos:


Shannon said...

Hi Becky -
Nice pictures :) Have you been giving Keith lessons on how to do really good self portraits? He would be learning from the best!
I agree about the lack of decent television - you'd think with hundreds of channels there'd be *something* good to watch, wouldn't you?

Girl con Queso said...

I agree. I'm only watching one show this year. Well, two if you count Charlie and Lola as a show.

Amazing Fall photos! Makes me want to jump in leaves.

bubandpie said...

You and I are watching the SAME TWO SHOWS right now, and you're right - the old TV thrill is waning a little this year. You should try watching House - if it ever returns from baseball-related hiatus, that is.

(I just posted and then deleted this comment from the previous post. That's what happens when telemarketers interrupt my important blogging!)