Friday, September 22, 2006

Day 7 = home

One last little tidbit from our trip...

We had a fairly uneventful trip home from the Grand Junction area, which is close to the western edge of CO on I-70. We did manage to get Kai some new shoes as well as some bright yellow rubber boots. Does anyone else know Big Sarah's Little Boots? - very good book. I recommend it. Same duo that write/illustrate the Franklin series. I digress... Naturally, we also found a few other things in the outlets (Old Navy outlet, Gap outlet, Carters outlet. we'd be lost without you! Well, naked rather.)

Here's a little glimpse of our trip home. This was 8000+ ft, but I hear there's going to be some of this white stuff around Boulder tonight.


Shannon said...

I am surprised there hasn't been "white stuff" here in Ontario yet - it has been SO COLD - I even caved and turned the furnace on tonight!

Mary-LUE said...

Hi there... I clicked on you via a comment at Bub and Pie's blog. I am a big fan of the Shadowlands movie, too. In fact, I love both versions of it. Have you seen the Joss Ackland one?

My husband grew up in Palisade, Colorado. That is God's country as far as he is concerned! We did a similar road trip a few years ago although it was longer because we were coming from Calif: So. Cal. to Flagstaff, quick stop at Grand Canyon, quick stop at Four Corners where we had some fry bread, night at Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde, drive over scary mountains during thunderstorm, to Powderhorn where we set up home base before trips into GJ and Fruita (dinosaur museum).

Okay, sorry this was so long. I got a little excited there about familiar pictures and stuff!

bubandpie said...
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