Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trip Day 5 and 6... is this getting old?

Here we are on the last evening of our trip, and Kai is wondering who is going to bed at the same time as he. We often have to pretend to go to sleep to coax him into believing that there's nothing interesting going on anymore.

We're on that lull of the vacation where we're all looking forward to going home, although some of us are still excited about the part tomorrow where we're going to stop at the Silverthorne Outlet Mall. :) After all, baby needs new shoes. (Sadly, that's true... Kai desperately needs some new shoes, but I digress.)

At the risk of droning on and on about the last couple days' adventures, I'll just put up a couple pictures to sum up. Briefly, yesterday Mesa Verde National park and today Arches National Park - the former in southwestern CO and the latter in eastern UT. It's pretty spectacular, this country that we live in. I still can't get over how phenomenally different it can look from one area to the next.

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