Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Item number 12

I'm overwhelmed.

Too much to do, getting too hard to think.

Must prioritize. Yes. Let's make a list.

1. write research proposal
2. write statement of interest
3. look up "statement of interest" to find out what it is
4. calculate wall losses. wait. they're not constant. run experiments at different pressures
5. realize you forgot to change a flow to compensate for change in pressure; fix it and rerun the last experiment
6. write methodology paper
7. do labview programming
8. solicit reference letters
9. scramble all of the above and then attempt to do them all simultaneously
10. become overwhelmed
11. make coffee
12. drink coffee and write a blog entry while you gather your thoughts and reprioritize


Shannon said...

You forgot "play game(s) of Spider Solitaire" to try and forget overwhelmingly huge and complex list of things to do ;) I think it should be right before "make coffee"...

Becky said...

I was at work. Making coffee and writing a blog entry seemed like a more acceptable thing to do.

Actually, I haven't played Spider in ages... I don't think I've played any games since well before I got the laptop.