Sunday, November 26, 2006

the 100th post

Since there are officially two of us posting on this blog, I can't take the credit for all 99 preceding posts, but still... 100 posts is a milestone. (Or so I've been led to believe by reading others' 100th posts.)

And yet, I haven't got the time for doing the ol' 100 things about me for the 100th post, so instead, I'll show you some of the things that we've been up to for the last week or so.

First of all, my good friend Shannon is here visiting us. We have a fun tradition of going shopping shopping shopping on the weekend after American Thanksgiving. It used to happen in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, but last year and this year she's come out to Colorado, since really people, it beats Buffalo hands down. (I was going to say "no offence" to those of you who like Buffalo, but Keith says I don't have to, because even people from Buffalo should agree.)

This year Shannon came a little earlier so that we could go skiing. Now lets back up a little - I'm not a "skier". I have skied, but not since I was 13. That's a LONG time ago. (18 years!) Last year when Shannon came to visit us, I declined the suggestion to take her skiing (mostly financial, partially a fear of breaking/straining/otherwise injuring some important part of my body.) She was saddened, but we made the most of it and had a good time. This year, I got past my trepidation, gathered a couple local friends who are also good skiers and said "Why not!?"

And it was a blast....

And I didn't break or strain anything. I can't say I didn't injure anything: I have a bruise the size of an orange on my right elbow. (It's really lovely. I could do a-year-of-colour just in that one bruise.) BUT, I surprised myself as most of the teaching from my 13-year-old experience came back to me by the third run. I still fell at least twice per run, but that was just my own little subconscious method not to get too cocky. Lastly, I know it doesn't really have to be said, but skiing at Winter Park in Colorado beats Snow Valley (a bump on the landscape just north of Barrie) to a pulp. Teeny tiny pulp. Nearly microscopic pulp. Nanopulp.

(photos courtesy of Shannon-who-can-ski, rather than Becky-who-falls-a-lot-and-chose-to-not-endanger-her-camera)


Shannon said...

Becky, you didn't so much "fall" but "stop suddenly and need a rest" ;)

Thank you for a wonderful time (the skiing and the shopping and the visiting etc etc... okay *especially* the skiing) - hopefully we will be able to this more often :)

Girl con Queso said...

Congrats on the 100 post. Very jealous about the skiing.

Kate said...

So jealous about the skiing, especially since I grew up skiing the Rocky's in Alberta/BC...Ontario skiing just does not compare