Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hi, i'm keith and i'm a mountaineeringaholic

i know it has been far too long since i posted anything so i thought i would start back in the summer.

from left to right you see chris, me, ben, and scott. this picture is from our trip to grays and torreys peaks back on july 25th of this year. i posted something about this very briefly shortly after this trip. i have to tell you that of all the adventures i have had nothing really compares to standing at 14, 000 feet. the one unfortunate thing about hiking up these two mountains is that we shared the summit with at least thirty other people.

i must admit that i have mountaineering fever . over the last six months i have been taking courses, buying gear and reading everything i can about mountaineering. over the next two months i will be taking a courses in basic snow travel and avalanche awareness. in the spring i hope to take an intermediate snow travel course which will only deepen my skill set for more difficult summits. i'm sure my parents would rather not hear such things.

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Dan Richards said...


About time you posted something. It wsa nice to talk to you last month. I 'll be in touch soon.
Dan R.