Sunday, October 23, 2005

Autumn Fun

I think I'm warming up to autumn. I think I've always disliked the season because of what it represents: shorter days, colder nights, winter is looming around the corner... But yesterday was what autumn is all about.

After playing in the leaves on our lawn for a while earlier in the day (minus the part where I stepped in some of Jake's leftovers), we went to a local pumpkin patch with some friends of ours. There were tractors, including an old steam tractor, mazes (both for little and big people), animals for petting, wagons for pulling around, and pumpkins gallore!


Pete said...

Those pictures are great. You are a very family looking family. If that makes any sense to you. I like the way the wagon one looks so it's my desktop until i get new pics of my nephew.

Katie Gibbons said...

Love the pic of Kai and the wagon; definitely a keeper!

Becky said...

Hi Katie! That picture is a favourite of mine, too. :)

Did you get to go to the Ashley preview? I'm very jealous. :( I'll have to drown my sorrows at Target.

Pernell said...

Keith & Becky,

Here's a poem I wrote:

I found you.
I miss you.
You may hate me.
But I love you.
The end.

You are one adorable family. Holy crap.

I sort of feel responsible for your blog name. Sorry.

The Marg and I have blogs (and so does Sam) if you want the addresses, drop me a line.

I would have e-mailed you and not just left you a bizzare comment, but you don't display an e-mail address.

If you don't respond, don't worry, I won't stalk you via your blog.