Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First snow?

My mother and I have been curious about whether it will snow first in Barrie or Boulder this year. Well, yesterday it snowed in the Boulder AREA, but it's hard to say whether or not it actually snowed in Boulder. It didn't snow at our house - it actually rained for about 48 hours straight. The Denver airport got about 8", though, and the foothills all around Boulder got a comparable amount. Some places in the Denver region got as much as 18". Not our house, though... we just got rain. So does this count as a first snow? I don't know...

I didn't even realize there was snow in the hills near Boulder until I went out for groceries late in the afternoon yesterday, and yet it still wasn't really obvious as the low-lying cloud/fog made it almost impossible to see. This morning, however, it was very clear that there is snow here - the hills around my lab are covered, although it is melting quickly.

I know I wasn't looking forward to snow, but now that it's here (however briefly) I can definitely appreciate the way that it makes the mountains come alive... In fact, I even had to take pictures of it, just because that's how my mind works:

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Pete said...

I will try and remember to let you know when it snows out here in BC's lovely lower mainland. Odds are it wont be till December or January but I will try to remember