Sunday, October 09, 2005

Giving thanks

Today is [the Canadian] Thanksgiving. It’s a strange holiday for a Canadian living in the U.S., because although Thanksgiving is also celebrated here, the two nations recognize the holiday on days that are over a month and a half apart, and few Americans realize that today is special for us. I think this is the first day that I have felt really far away from home. It doesn’t help that Keith is over 2000 miles away at a wedding, making it a holiday that no other adult nearby is celebrating. All I could muster the energy to make for dinner for myself and Kai was spaghetti and garlic bread, and the dinner conversation wasn’t that fantastic:

Kai: I want more cheese.

Me: no Kai, you’ve got enough cheese.

Kai: I want more WHITE cheese… I want MORE cheese… I want more CHEESE.

Me: I said no.

Kai: I want JUICE.

Me: (pours juice and hands it over) Here you go.

Kai: I want more cheese. I want MORE CHEEEEEEESE!

Me: I said no.

Kai: I want more cheese!

Me: (silence)

Kai: I want… THAT (indicating plate containing the banana muffin bits that he had rejected minutes earlier, and upon receiving it, dumping it, crumbs and all, into his bowl of spaghetti).

And so on…

confession time: I’ve never cooked a turkey. Maybe this year will be the year I learn how. Of course, Keith and I have often scoffed at the whole turkey thing. Is it really necessary to consume one every Christmas and Thanksgiving? Having three sets of parents, plus good friends who have often graciously invited us to their family functions, we frequently get turkeyed-out during the holidays. And I can’t say I enjoy big turkey dinners any more than a nice roast chicken, fresh bread and a salad. A few years ago Keith and I thought that perhaps we’d make lasagna for Christmas dinner if anyone ever comes to our place. Of course, now they likely won’t come. But I do make a pretty decent lasagna, or so I’ve been told.

Having had a lot of time to myself this weekend, I’ve spent some time thinking about some of the things I’m thankful for: of course, Keith and Kai, and our families. I’m thankful that Keith was able to be there for Mark this weekend as he starts a new part of his life with Chandra. I know it meant a lot for him to go. Even though we are both too far away from Ontario to go home, I’m thankful that all our parents are with one of their children this weekend. I’m thankful for the opportunity that we had to come to Boulder, and that we are able to explore and experience so many new places. I’m thankful for our good health. I’m thankful for old friends who have always been there for us – I miss you. I’m thankful for new friends, including the ones who invited Kai and me over for lunch this afternoon, making my first Thanksgiving away that much more bearable. I’m thankful for mountains, and for new meaning to the song How Great Thou Art. I’m thankful that God has provided for us over the past year, and continues to provide for us, and I'm thankful for the many ways He has taught us to trust in Him since we moved. Above all, I’m thankful that I have hope in my Lord and Saviour, and that I can trust in Him to take care of us.

So happy thanksgiving to all of you, Americans and Canadians alike. May you all have something to be thankful for this year.

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Pete said...

I love lasagna. Should I ever be invited for a holiday dinner I would take you guys over turkey and year.