Thursday, April 06, 2006

birthdays and jesus songs

if i missed your birthday so far this year, here's to ya.
yesterday was becky's. happy birthday my dear sweet wife. a special thank you to gary and nancy.

as in other posts about family birthdays i say to have a drink, well that's just what becky and i did last night. not too much mind you, just a bit of nice anejo tequila. if you can find it get it.

over the last couple of weeks kai has started to recite the songs that they sing in his class on sunday mornings. over the last six months or so he has been in his class from 9 am until 12 noon. why so long you ask, well becky and i are either in an equipping seminar or i am working in the nursery during the first service and then we attend the second service together. you may ask doesn't kai get bored of being in the same class for so long. well no he doesn't. each class has different teachers and different curriculum. during each class the kids go downstairs for song time. this is when it gets good. at different times becky or i have had the chance to go and spy on him during the song time. from what we have noticed he just sort of stands or sits and takes it all in, not really doing the actions, not really singing along. but like i said earlier he has started singing these songs as he plays around the house. it is just the best feeling that he loves to sing and what can be better than singing about jesus.

i remember the days back at "off the edge" and we would sing - little white box- well i have taught it to kai and he loves it.

if i had a little white box to put my jesus in
i'd take him out of my little white box and share him with a friend.
if i had a little black box to put the devil in
i'd take him out of my little black box and shout at him (the original is -smash his face)
and put him back again.

this kid is a sponge, i guess all kids are really. i love to see the wheels turn behind those green eyes as i explain things to him. i can't wait to teach him more.

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