Saturday, April 15, 2006

Taxes and sudden death stress

Since the time I started putting Kai to bed, Tampa Bay has scored once, but Carolina has scored twice, and they are now tied at 2-2. (!!!) Go Hurricanes! The Leafs have already won tonight - wow. 5-1. That's pretty awesome... it would be sad for them to be eliminated after a performance like that!

So I'm slogging though Tax Hades right now. I spent a couple nights working on our Federal US taxes, and last night Keith and I worked on our Canadian taxes. I was just transferring over our "working versions" to the "final versions" - yes, we still do our taxes by hand. I know it's a lot of work, but I just can't justify paying for the tax program, and I don't mind doing them by hand. Anyhow, I realized as I was about to transfer over some of the information that there has to be some sort of accounting for the fact that the money we made this year in Canada was only in 5 months, not 12, and that we'd have to do something about that. Bummer... I thought we were going to get all our money back. Now I'm not so sure. Anyhow, I also had a brainwave about the US taxes around 5 AM this morning that Keith still gets to claim his exemption. I woke up and immediately started thinking about my inlet, too - we had some problems yesterday, and it turned out that (oh goody) we got to have access to the plane today, so of course, I went to work. But I digress...

So I still need to fix both the US Fed. tax thing for Keith, and I need to fix the Canadian/Ontario taxes for both of us, and I need to start AND complete our state taxes (which I hear aren't hard once you've got the Federal ones done.) It's all, well, very unfun. I need a vacation from taxes.

I just checked. So Tampa Bay has at least one point. Please please please - overtime loss.

And now I'm just stalling. Happy taxes everyone. Oh, and happy Easter, too.

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Becky said...

Sob. And not even a minute after I posted this I checked, and Tampa scored in overtime.

It's a sad sad day.