Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So here's why Mel was in Veracruz. It's possible (likely?) that he's still there. There were a couple more sightings after I saw him at the hotel lounge, but I never saw him again. Speaking of the hotel lounge, that was the "Fiesta Americana", which was the hotel next door to the Camino Real where our entire group was staying. The Fiesta Americana is actually mentioned in the article in the link above.

I'm back in Boulder now. There was certainly a bit of culture shock on reentry. Boulder and the surrounding communities are so clean. There aren't buildings everywhere with rebar sticking out of the top story. There aren't countless billboards everywhere with their signs torn and flapping in the wind. There aren't half-finished buildings on every street. Everything here is so neat and orderly. It lacks the character of Veracruz...

I slept for 12 hours the night I got back. And then I had a 2 hour nap the next afternoon while Kai slept. I think I felt caught up on sleep after a few nights... I have been back to work now, and it seems a little surreal to be at the airport with the plane in a hangar.

I turn 31 today. I don't really feel 31. Maybe 31 doesn't have a feel? My boss told me that I'm a young'n. I guess it's all relative. I'd rather be 31 than 21. 21 was a lot more work. I'd rather be 31 than 41. I don't want to need bifocals yet, and I'm sure that's going to happen around 41. I suppose 31 is pretty good, considering.

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