Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dot com, aka today's reason to smile

I was just reading through some of our old posts, and I rememberd something that I wanted to add to one. When Keith posted a few weeks ago about our first strawberry picking excursion in Barrie, he forgot to mention the funniest thing that Kai said while we were there (maybe you won't find it so funny, but we did.)

Scene - Kai is standing in the middle of the berry patch, shoving berries unapologetically into his mouth. Becky, Keith, and Becky's parents are all busy either picking berries or snapping photos. Between bites, Kai looks around and says:

Kai: Hey mom-dad (we're often referred to simultaneously) this is strawberries-dot-com.

If he were a little older, the Canadian in him would have added an "eh?" to the end.

I don't know where he's picked it up, but for some reason he thinks that "dot com" is a way to emphasize something, akin to adding words like "city" or "heaven".

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bubandpie said...

Oh, this post made me laugh! That's quite a creative toddler you've got there.