Monday, July 17, 2006

Forgotten photos

As I was copying some photos from my camera to my laptop yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten about some photos I'd taken during our trip home from Ontario (hmm... referring to Boulder as home. Interesting.) We did the entire trip in only 37 hours, but we did manage to stop at one playground for Kai (not including the indoor slide in the Burger King in Nowheresville, Kansas). Anyhow, I honestly can't remember where we were at the time, but in our little CAA TripTik (those things are fabulous), I found a city map for a small city we were passing through that had a big park marked off. On the chance that this "big park" contained a playground, we exited the interstate and set off in the direction of the park. Thankfully, the 10 minute drive away from the interstate was worth it, and we found this place, which I just have to revel about.

And that was only half of it. There are actually two playgrounds, (really!) side by side: one for older kids, and one for younger ones. Of course, Kai doesn't allow himself to be confined by his age, and was just as happy playing on the larger one as he was the smaller.

One of the coolest aspects of the place, besides it's immense size: three 8-foot climbing walls that Kai could scale completely on his own. (Of course Keith was there to spot him, but he wasn't allowed to touch Kai.)

Oh, and then there's the fact that they love parents, grandparents and babysitters at this park so much that they provide us with these awesome swinging park benches, alternated with regular benches, to a total of about 20 of them surrounding the playgrounds.

If only I wanted to live in that little city... which I don't. I'll just have to be happy with the rock park, the white park and the dinosaur park - the three playgrounds that are within easy walking/biking distance of our place.

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