Friday, December 29, 2006

Déjà Vu

aka Snow Day! Isn't it pretty?

Looking out Kai's window.

Looking out our bedroom window. And Yes. For those of you who are familiar with this view, the mountains are indeed hiding.

And no - the pictures aren't black and white. The sky is almost the same colour as the ground, but maybe just a little more gray.

Since yesterday afternoon we've had about 14", in addition to the 6-8" still on the ground from last week - that's a first for us since we moved here. There are mixed reports about how much more we might get, ranging from "not much" to "some more". Being vague is apparently good, because then it's difficult to be wrong.

Kai and I are enjoying our day in the house so far (with the exception of the 45 minutes of shoveling that I did early this morning). I've had a day reprieve from work, as most of the businesses in town have been shut down for the storm. Perhaps we'll head outside this afternoon and play with his new sled again. Jake has already had a blast playing in the snow with his girlfriend Ruby, the dog next door.

I'm so happy we didn't need to go anywhere this holiday season.

Sending out warm thoughts to all of you...


meg & critch said...

I kinda envy your snow. I want to go x-country sking so badly and we have no snow at all!


Shannon said...

I think you are getting all the snow that the entire continent of North America is supposed to get ;)

Have fun - and go (downhill) skiing for me!!