Saturday, December 09, 2006


It's warmer today than it has been for over a week, so with the snow melting all around us Kai and I took a walk to the "Rock Park" this afternoon. I'm sure we've mentioned it before, but it's the park with a small playground that also has a big rebar-structured rock cave that kids can climb on, under, around and through. It is very unique, and Kai loves it. He takes after his father.

Speaking of which, remember when we used to call him "Lit'ler [Keith]"? Look at this:

I didn't know Keith at age 3, but I've seen pictures. When Kai squints, he's the spitting image of his dad.

(Note the rally shirt: C'mon, guys... 6 losses in a row? Maybe tonight they will turn things around.)

This morning, after a quick trip to the post office, Kai and I went to the Children's Christmas party at my work. The highlight of the party is getting to sit on Santa's lap. This year he actually smiled for his picture, which we likely won't get a copy of until sometime in January or February. (It's apparently a long process.) Last year he looked petrified and refused to speak to Santa. This year he was prepared, and he asked Santa for a "little tiny house" for Christmas. "With snow on it." I think he wants a gingerbread house. He's not a hard kid to please.

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My, my you've done a lot of posting lately, now I feel like a slacker...