Saturday, December 02, 2006


Happy winter... I know it's only December 2, but we're getting a TON of snow here in the front range, and it's just so pretty and wintery. My spell checker doesn't recognize wintery as a word. Wintery wintery wintery. HA!

So I'm a little punchy. What of it? It's cold.

If I had my camera with me, I'd take some pictures and show you how lovely it is here. But since I don't, I'll show you pictures of trees from a hike we went on with Shannon when there wasn't any snow. Well, not much snow. That's the [continental] divide. It almost always has snow.

Jake is our new mule. Dog packs rock. Go Jake go. He loves me. I'm his favourite. Next to Kai. But for completely different reasons. Are you sick of the half-sentences? Tough.

Prepare for a complete non sequitur.

This is quite likely one of the funniest things I've ever read or seen. It's all in the commentary. If I'd been reading it in church or during a memorial service or a recital then it definitely would have qualified me for the "uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment."


jenn said...

okay, those recipe cards at any time are likely to cause uncontrollable giggling. i think my favourite was "slender quenchers". sad really that anyone might actually consume some of those foods, i mean fluffy mackeral pudding? who are they trying to fool?

Shannon said...

OMG! Those were *too* funny!! I wonder what we'll think of Atkin's of South Beach when it's 2036?

Mary-LUE said...

I can not believe those cards! Well, in a way I can. My sister-in-law found an old jello recipe book from the 60s or 70s which would have fit in quite nicely with these.

Most of the time I was cracking up. Then I saw the Melon Mousse, the Salmon Mousse, etc. and I almost threw up! Those are disgusting!

Thank you so much for bringing a little levity into my Sunday evening!