Sunday, February 04, 2007

Of Butterflies and Play-Doh(TM)

Yesterday we (finally) visited the local Butterfly Pavilion, only a short 15-minute drive from our home. It was a nice treat to be in a place that was warm and humid, if only for a little while. Friday was one of those days when on your first inhalation after stepping outdoors, every nostril hair freezes instantly or you realize after a few minutes of driving that your body has been fully tensed against the cold because the car still isn't churning out heat from the vents.

After visiting the Pavilion de Papillon and then cashing in a toy store gift card for some train pieces, 4 tubs of Play-Doh(TM) and an "educational" preschool CD-ROM set, we returned home. And then we got to work:
Kai has a very serious concentration face.

While Kai toiled away with his new and surprisingly pliable Play-Doh(TM), I snapped a few pictures of our sweet pup. I love the fact that the three pictures I kept show his three very different expressions.
Finally, my favourite photo of the day:

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ewe are here said...

Ooh. Can't wait until MF is old enough to visit a butterfly pavillion. I think he'll love it!

And he adores playdough, too.

Great pics!