Friday, February 23, 2007

red, my favourite colour of tape

it is that time of year again when i need to submit an application to homeland security in order to work in the usa. first i have to submit an application, then provide a letter explaining why my income is not needed to support our family (our visa's are contingent on becky's income and hers alone). i also include a small budget with our expenses and her income showing what our surplus is as proof. also in the supporting documents for my application is a copy of my I-94, which is a departure record, a copy of my current work authorization card and finally two passport size photographs. once the office receives all of these documents i will then be sent more paperwork which will require me to go to an office in denver so that i can provide a fingerprint of my index finger. then sometime in may, preferably before my current card expires i receive a new card allowing me to work for another year.

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Kate said...

Doesn't that sound like fun!