Wednesday, February 07, 2007

8 weeks later

We've had a pretty consistent (very un-Boulderlike) winter here for the last 8 weeks. Remember how excited we were when it first snowed? And then it snowed again. And again. And then it snowed a little each week for the next 4 weeks, and it became a little boring and repetitive, and I think I stopped talking about it, but basically our lawn hasn't been visible since that first snow day.

That's alright. I can handle that. No worries. I don't need to go anywhere on the lawn. BUT, what has been a little more frustrating is that our street, and the street that we use to get to our street have not been plowed once.

That's right. Not even ONCE in the entire time we've lived here. Last year that wasn't a big deal - Boulder's snow removal strategy is essentially threefold:

1) plow major roads and those with bus routes
2) plow bike paths
3) wait for sunshine and warm weather to melt everything else

#3 is normally sufficient, but this year... not so much. At least not according to the 6" ruts on the access road to our street. No, "ruts" isn't the right word - ruts implies that as long as you stay in them, it stays pretty smooth. No - we're talking more like offroading in a field full of groundhogs. VERY busy groundhogs.

That's been the story of our street for the past 8 weeks. Until today.

Today, wonder of wonders, this happened:

What are these wondrous yellow beasts that can remove snow and ice from our streets? Could they be? Is it true? Snow removal? Right here on our little street?

My goodness... and we didn't even have to call in the army!

But here's the thing: IT WAS FINALLY MELTING. Good timing, Boulder. Stellar job.


Mary-LUE said...

Congratulations on your plowed streets! I hope you have a break from the snow.

meg & critch said...

There always seems to be snow removal issues around here.
It makes life so much easier when it's done right. So enjoy!

Queso said...

Since I'm living in Houston, I feel like you're speaking in Chinese right now.

Kate said...

When we lived in Calgary they rarely (if ever) plowed, so I can relate; however that was in my pre-driving days.

ewe are here said...

Wow! Lots of snow. We got a couple of inches -maybe- and there were school closures galore and our transportation network melted down. Makes you wonder what they'd do in the event of a 'real' snowfall. snort.