Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chilly morning

We had yet another snow day yesterday. For the third week in a row (!!!), a winter "storm" delivered more than a foot of snow to our doorstep. It started in the middle of the night, and continued until around 3 PM. I still had to go to work so I didn't take any pictures yesterday, but by this morning the sun was out and it was a chilly 7˚F outside. This makes for a very beautiful blue sky which contrasts so nicely against the crisp clean snow.

Oh, and remember the mountains that were hiding? They're in their full glory this morning.

For more pictures, check out flickr.


Shannon said...

So there is some kind of weird weather reversal going on - we *still* have warm (yet somewhat rainy) weather up here - maybe you have our weather, we have Vancouver's weather and Vancouver has yours??

meg & critch said...

It's snowing here! Just got about an inch of snow tonight.


Becky said...


Maybe you'll get another inch tonight to keep that first one company. :)