Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just keep posting posting posting

How exciting! Sweet, sweet BubandPie has nominated my two recent soapbox posts for a Just Post recognition. As well, she has reminded me of what a gushing romantic I evidently was when Keith and I were still in the midst of our newlydating throes. (ick. really? was I really like that? ah well.)

Anyhow, I know there is a good deal of randomness to what I blog about and that many of you aren't looking for an environmental rant when you come by looking for pictures of our kid. But it is good to know that my thoughts and concerns aren't just dissolving into the Ether. Thanks BubandPie!

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De Aufiero said...

Hi Again - I think it's great to find both environmental rants and pictures of your kid. The kids I've got; the intellectual input, I'm lacking. Sure to visit again.

bubandpie said...

"gushing romantic" is really the perfect way to describe it. But in a good way.

Becky said...

Nice to meet you, De! And thanks for stopping by!

B&P, I think you're the Kirk to my Spock! (Although I *can* be emotional, and I know you are a very systematic and logical romantic...)

What a nerd I am, coming up with the classic Star Trek personality reference.

Mad Hatter said...

Hey, I love a good gushing romanitic. They make the world a better place.

Thanks for the posts. I found both interesting and informative.

bubandpie said...

A "systematic and logical romantic" - I like to think that is exactly what I am! (Does this mean I have a future career starring in All Bran ads?)

jen said...

gush away. am so happy bub and pie turned us onto you.