Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A gift, a watch, and a joke.

Yesterday a package arrived in the mail from one of Kai's three sets of grandparents. Inside it were a few lovely things for Keith and I (thank so much!), as well as a few treats for the kiddo. One of these, a small wrapped box, was intended for his birthday (almost a month away), but Kai had already opened it before Keith had a chance to stop him. It was a watch! What a fun prezzie!

Kai is very cute about his new watch. It has cars on the band, "to" on the left side, "past" on the right side and a little car that ticks around the face. This morning, before he came into our room to wake us up, he'd already put it on all by himself.

Aside: a few months ago, we taught him that the first number on our alarm clocks (yes. two clocks. we each have one.) needs to be a 7 before he is allowed to wake us up. Many times I've groggily noticed the click of his door and glanced over to see 6:## on my clock, only to hear him pad into our room, pause, and then scamper back to his room. This morning, it was 7:03. He's got a good sense of timing.

So naturally, this morning we were discussing the time, because that's what you discuss when you have a new watch and there is a seven at the front of the numbers on the alarm clocks. At 7:10, he pointed to his watch and asked what time it was. Wanting to use the "past" terminology on his watch, I explained in my best polka-dot-door voice that:

"Well, the big hand is pointing to the 2, and the little hand is just past the 7, so it is 10 past 7 o'clock."

To which Kai replied with a smirk, "no, mama, it's 10 past 7 o'watch."


Shannon said...

No scientific brain in that little head, is there?!

Meg said...

What a smart kid! I remember my first watch. From my grandparents. I had just broken my left arm, and had to wear it on my right. Ever since then I wear my watch on the right. Your first watch is a special memory. At least it was for me.