Thursday, April 19, 2007

Noticing the light

This morning I went back to the gym. It had been almost two weeks. These things happen occasionally: a few days go by, anti-getting-up-early atrophy sets in, a few more days go by. Suddenly it has been two weeks. It's not like I've been sedentary - I have been biking to work. That counts, doesn't it? Nevertheless, it had been a couple weeks since I've gone to the gym and possibly even a little longer since I went in the morning. I bring this up (albeit in a very roundabout way) because holy cow, it's bright outside at 6 AM! And not only that, it's bright at 6 PM!

I find this very novel.

So much so, that sitting on the floor with my dog and my kid this afternoon, I felt compelled to take a photo of the novelty of it all. You see, I haven't been taking many pictures over the last 6 months during the week because I am averse to the flash. I hate the flash.

Ech. Flash.

This makes it difficult to get really nice photographs at home during the week when it's so gosh-darned dark whenever I'm home.

But not any more...

And I love that. I love it almost as much as I love that I've noticed buds forming on trees this year, and blossoms erupting overnight, on this tree one day, and then that tree the next. And flowers, and fragrances, and laundry drying outside, and birds chirping, and little cottontails darting frantically across the bike path only a few feet in front of me, desperate to reach the other side no matter what the cost (twice in as many days.)

Thank goodness I don't bike to work across an elk migratory path. That could be awkward.

But I only go on and on about this because, well, look! These photos were taken this evening, well after I got home from work, and look at all that glorious sunshine!


Anonymous said...

The shots are beautiful, but not because of the light...
It does lift the spirits though doesn't it?
Miss you guys.

Kate said...

Totally hear you with the gym thing. We recently bought a treadmill and yesterday was such a struggle to get going with my walk. Then 5 mins. in to the walk we lost power because of a nasty storm that came through. Lucky for me the power didn't return until the middle of the night so I guess that is a good excuse to skip a day of working out.
Beautiful pics too.