Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Attack of the Jesus Tomato

On Saturday morning we went to the opening of a new Christian bookstore in Boulder. Becky and I kept the fact the Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales were going to be there a secret. It certainly was a surprise to Kai when they walked into the store. For the first ten minutes Kai essentially hid behind some shelves as the giant vegetable characters walked around the store. He finally warmed up to them (after a great deal of encouragement) enough to have his picture taken first with Bob and then with Larry. Twice he indicated to me that these guys were different because "they have arms and leg". He seemed perplexed as to how they were able to walk like people because they just bounce around on their t.v. show. The little Sherlock Holmes even figured out that people were actually in the suits. In this last picture he is looking at a space in the suit where the glove of the suit is attached to the arm. "Dad, I see skin in there. There is a person in there."


meg & critch said...

I love the picture of Kai with the tomato. The look on his face is great.

MOM said...


ewe are here said...

heh heh

Cutie Kai!

If you ever make it to Disneyland/world, I can just imagine him trying to see if those characters have people in them.