Thursday, May 03, 2007


Four is carrying your own pack.

Four is walking in puddles, and watching the ripples intersect.

Four is going down a slide face first.

Four is learning to tell time. And taking your time to paint things just right.

Four is my sweet, goofy boy. Happy birthday, Kai.


The 1% said...

Very nice post, kid. Happy birthday to Kai from his Uncle Peej, Aunt Angele and Haylee. We'll give you guys a call this weekend - Haylee wants to talk to Kai.

Sorry we didn't call earlier this week to wish him a happy birthday - we were thinking about you guys, though!

The 1% said...

ummm, yeah. Ryan sends his birthday wishes too. Don't tell him that I forgot, mmm-kay?

Unc Paul said...

A happy belated birthday to go with your happy early birthday (that we wished you a week ago) from your farm family,
Paul,Lin,Meg,Dyl,and Tilly
We love you

meg & critch said...

Great pictures!