Saturday, July 07, 2007

Crikey! He's a beauty!

First, to Keith's parents: you may want to look away.

Everyone else, check this out. (I'm not web-savvy enough yet to post a video right here. Maybe someday I'll take the time to work it out, but for now, this should work.)

So there I am, watering the flowers in the backyard with Kai following me like a little shadow, and as I turn to water the second window box, I notice movement in the grass below.

Big orange and yellow stripey movement.

That's right folks. It was the largest garter snake I have ever seen in my life!

(I should pause to admit that I've really only ever seen about 3.)

Being the calm, cool and collected mom that I am, I screamed for Keith.

Well, scream is a relative term. I called loudly for him. (yes - I can yell when I need to.)

But he was busy vacuuming, so I had to turn, walk four steps, knock on the sliding glass door, and then proudly explain that I found a snake for him to show Kai. (Me pick it up? Are you kidding me?)

So here is what ensued:

Wow... Pretty amazing! It's not everyday that you get to experience nature up-close like this or share an appreciation of wildlife in your own backyard with your child. And I especially love that Kai is so willing (albeit somewhat reluctantly at first) to hold a snake. He's a gutsy little kid.


Anonymous said...

This is Keith's parents responding to warnining... we are not afraid of snakes, they have their space in yard as we do, and we get along just great. Thank you very much. Mom/Dad

Beck said...

Garter snakes are kind of sweet, actually - I've never been scared of them, although I don't go so far as to cart them around or anything.
Here from Piece's.

Shannon said...

The video works wonderfully - very cool :)

Every so often I just have to be all old-like and sit back and be amazed at the wonders of 2007...

Meg said...

Kai is brave!

We found a long tube of shedded garter snake skin on Canada day. I thought I was brave for just picking that up. The real deal was long gone.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. We watched a python eat two LARGE rabbits at the zoo on Saturday. I took some pics but it does not do it justice. It was cool.

Becky.....I don't get the Crash Test Dummies comment.

ewe are here said...

I would have called for my husband to pick it up, too. Heck, I was showing my boy a giant worm a few weeks ago and everytime I touched it I had this intense desire to immediately wash my hands. And yet, I played with these things when I was small.

obsessiveskier said...


The next time we see one another, remind us to tell you about our recent adventure at Predator World in Branson West, Missouri.