Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And we're off!

It's official. We received our clearance yesterday, had the last of three test flights this morning, and we're flying out tomorrow on our way to the South Pacific. I have to admit, as much as spending two extra days with my three boys was wonderful, it was good to be set free from the limbo of not knowing. I don't function very well with uncertainty - it almost paralyzes me. I came home yesterday after Test Flight the Third was scrapped for the second time and was fully unable to do anything productive. I could pack a little more, but what if we don't leave for another few days? I could start a little craft project, but what if it gets interrupted? I could just... uh...

Yeah. Limbo.

So instead I sat outside under the tree on my favourite chair and caught up on some Martha Stewart magazines that have been piling up lately.

And then the word came through in the late afternoon yesterday that we are cleared to go and land and measure and do research. And all the other fun things involved in this study.

So today, after Test Flight the Third "take 3" actually worked, I came home with a purpose. I have packing to do, tidying and cleaning and dishes, things to mail, a blog entry to write... all sorts of things that I need to do before I leave the house tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM.

Including a little bit of sitting outside under the tree on my favourite chair with my favourite non-human.

When I was six, my father went on a short term mission trip to Japan for three weeks. I remember taking him to the airport with my mom, and being surprised at how upset my mother was that he was leaving. A little while later, she explained to me that she was just sad about not being with him. After 10 years of marriage, they hadn't been apart for even a couple nights in a row. Three weeks seemed like forever!

Unlike my parents, Keith and I have often been separated for a few nights, a week, or even a few weeks while I travel for work. Thankfully, Keith is quite content to play the role of the-spouse-at-home, and happily faces my impending absences without complaint or question. And for the most part, I remain emotionally unflappable when I think about being away from home for an extended time.

But sometimes it hits me, even for a moment, that I am really going to miss my sweet boys. Today it happened as we flew close to our subdivision in Boulder just after take-off: I'm going to be in this exact place tomorrow, and it will be the last time I see my house for over three weeks!

So while I'm doing this

Know that my heart will be pining after my silly mutt:

And my adorable bub

And especially my sweet Keith

Stay well, family. I'll see you soon.


Rob Duff said...

Safe travels, Becky! And the best to you and your family!

kathy said...

Fare thee well Bec! Can't wait to hear all about it...