Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Want to trade citizenships?

Boulder has a reputation for being the People's Republic of Boulder so it isn't unusual for me to hear someone asking if I wouldn't mind trading citizenships. More often than not people can be heard saying, "He's not my President." It really makes me feel like I'm back home actually. The disturbing thing is that most of the Christians I have met voted for W - twice. (Insert question of your choice - Why? What were you thinking? Are you insane? Oh?)

Most people would agree that much of the world now sees Americans as arrogant, forceful and incapable of cooperation. Why has this happened? There is no doubt that the foreign policies of the government created this attitude. And this is why on Sunday a lady at our church told us a story I'm sure we have all heard before. While in Europe last summer she put a Canadian flag patch on her bag in order to pass as a Canadian instead of being found out as an American. The Americans I have had the pleasure to get to know are kind, gracious people and if they feel that they need our protection while abroad we should just invite them north and make them citizens or we could just welcome a few states into the Dominion. Who says a one way trade has to be a bad deal?

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Gunfighter said...

I'm a Christian (we're Lutherans)... we didn't vote for that guy.

I've traveled the globe... no Canadian flag patches on my stuff.

We have discussed moving to Canada... but while my wife gets huge points from Canadian immigration, I get next to none. I'm bilingual, but my second language, German, is as useless in Canada as it is in the States. Add to that, my job skills aren't particularly useful in Canada.