Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cast off

Good news - the cast is off, and no surgery will be needed! Kai's peter-pointer is well on its way to being healed, and apart from a little rotting finger skin (yummy) and a newly-developed tendency to become ambidextrous, his hand is almost back to normal. Or so I hear - I haven't actually seen him yet, because I'm back at work.

We don't have to talk about that.

Anyhow, we're back home after a very long and yet very enjoyable trip to and from Ontario. I know I've been neglecting our blog, but I promise I will post again soon. I might even tell you all about our vacation. I would have blogged more while we were on the road, but... well... I was too busy being on vacation.

Hee hee.

OK, more later. I promise. Maybe even tonight.

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