Friday, November 30, 2007

Trip recap OR Just post something and get it over with already.

I know - I didn't post last night, but I believe I said "maybe even tonight". Instead of posting, I sent myself to bed around 9 PM because I felt that cold coming on. You know, the one that chased us around Ontario? The one that everyone was either just getting over when we arrived at their doorsteps or getting just as we pulled out of their driveways? Yeah. That one. Keith got it as we were driving across southern Ontario on our way to the passport office to pick up Kai's passport so that we could get back into the U.S. (we like living on the edge). Anyhow, Keith managed to kick it by the time we were pulling into our own driveway two and a half days later, but last night it looked like it was going to be my turn to get it.

I swear, I am the queen of digression.

I have been thinking a lot about posting for the last two weeks. I've been chewing over all the many things that I could tell you about our trip. But all in all, it seems it will likely end up becoming a very long, boring post about things that you hardly care about, so I've been putting it off because I don't know where to start or where to end or how much detail to include.

[Suddenly a Monty Python dude appears in my kitchen and screams "GET ON WITH IT!"]

Sheesh... Alright already.

I'll try to keep things brief and in point form.

Highlights from our trip

aka Doing all the Canadian things that I could:

  • Consuming as much Tim Horton's coffee as possible
  • Eating ketchup chips
  • Buying Toronto Maple Leafs stuff
  • Enjoying a Swiss Chalet Front Quarter Festive Special (Mmmm... Lindt)
  • Watching Hockey Night in Canada (and seeing the Leafs cream Ottawa.)
  • Purchasing a big box with a variety Cadbury chocolate bars from Costco.
  • Going to the LCBO (aka Lick-Bo)
  • Shopping at Dollarama and the William-Ashley Warehouse Sale
  • Snowmobiling
  • Eating poutine (thanks Dwayne!)
  • Discussing the weather
  • Tobogganing
  • Wearing a toque
  • Sitting on a chesterfield
OK, so the last bunch are possible here in Boulder, and I don't actually call it a chesterfield, ever, but I still did all of those things in Canada, so I am allowed to mention them here. Feel free to add to the list if you witnessed me doing any other particularly Canadian things.

More highlights

Playing with new toys
(aka Christmas presents):

Meeting this little cutey:

Playing in the snow:

Kai and I each going on our very first snowmobile rides:

Kai's expression as we wandered around Winter Wheat:

Taking Kai to his very first Santa Claus parade:

And finally, spending time with cousins and brothers and sisters-in-law and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends... it was absolutely wonderful spending time with all of you, and I only wish that we could have seen more of you. Sadly, that just isn't possible on such a short trip.

There are certainly more highlights, but I'm sure that I have already bored you all to tears, so I'll leave you with something recent from here at home that made me chuckle. (A reward, if you will, for getting all the way through this post.) It was from one of those moments in which you think to yourself, I definitely have to write this down.

Things you don't hear everyday:
Two days ago while I was standing at the bathroom sink, Kai pushed past me explaining "Batman has to go potty."

Apparently even superheros need to pee.

G'night all.


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you guys as well.... I loved Kai face at the parade as well as winter wheat. Hope you are enjoying the snow.

JennFoley said...

your kid is so funny - you should consider writing a book. whenever i read the conversations that you have with him i laugh out loud and then i tell others and then there is more laughing. seriously, you write very well (part of the reason i so love reading your blog) and i know it would be a big hit. by the way, although our visit with the anderson clan was short i very much enjoyed seeing all of you :)