Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hard cast

Keith took Kai to the specialist this morning. Within 30 minutes Kai had a brand new green fiberglass cast on his arm. Bye bye fingers - see y'all in a few weeks!

A couple people have asked for the story: one minute Kai and his two friends are heading outside to play on the trampoline, the next minute (maybe 5?) we hear yelling and screaming that doesn't sound at all like our kid. Keith and the girls' dad rush outside, the screaming increases, and then I follow with the girls' mom. It seems that Kai had been trying to dismount the trampoline and had accidentally flipped over backwards and landed on his index finger. Pretty innocent. Completely an accident. It was swollen for the rest of the day. I called our HMO's nurse advice line and was advised that if he seems OK, to just bring him in the next day, possibly tape his fingers together, and give him some ibuprofen.

He's actually in amazingly good spirits... and the attention he's getting from having the cast is helping to make this into something that isn't so bad. I'm pretty relieved that he's got a hard cast now, because yesterday while I was on the phone I had to excuse myself to tell him to stop jumping on our bed. I guess falling off a trampoline wasn't enough! (He's such a boy.) At least now it isn't as easy to further injure his finger.


Shannon said...

I do enjoy the green-ness of the cast :)

Good colour choice there Kai...

Make sure to leave me a good space so I can sign it :)

obsessiveskier said...

We're really, really sorry! It was our trampoline. The darn thing is getting a bit worn out.

Kai, you look really cool with that cast.

Say Hi to Canada for us.

The Kelly's