Friday, May 26, 2006


It's Friday already. I relish the weeks where Friday feels like a Thursday. I think this week went particularly fast because I took Tuesday off to spend time with some friends that were visiting from Ontario on their way to a wedding in Denver. Anyhow, I don't know that I look forward to Friday as much as some people, but there are a lot of nice things that go along with a Friday, especially payday Fridays that precede long weekends. (Note to Canadian readers: the Memorial Day long weekend always follows the May 24 long weekend.)

The Memorial Day long weekend marks a few things for us. We arrived in Boulder last year during this long weekend. In fact, yesterday marked the official anniversary of our entry into the U.S. as visa holders. A year ago today we were getting up at my cousin Kathleen's house in a Chicago suburb and heading off toward Iowa. Our anniversary (May 27 - 6 years tomorrow!) was spent travelling through Nebraska.

We arrived in Boulder on May 28 only to find that there were no rooms in Boulder that we could afford. Our townhouse wasn't going to be available until June 2, so we found a Ramada Inn in North Glenn (about 20 minutes east of Boulder) where we stayed for 4 nights. Boulder was packed with people from all over N. America because of the annual Bolder Boulder race that takes place on Memorial Day, a 10K race where 50,000 people run, jog or walk (or a combination of the three) through the streets of Boulder. This year, I've entered with a couple friends to walk the Bolder Boulder. Actually, I think I'm signed up as a jogger. You can enter as a runner, a jogger, a walker, a jog walker or a walk jogger, although I don't know what the difference in the last two would be. They put you in waves according to how fast you think you'll be moving, so that slower people don't get in the faster people's way. Anyhow, it should be fun!

Lastly, the artist who painted these pictures for the 2002 and 2003 posters is Jim Freeheart, an artist that we've seen around town over and over... he is a modern-day Monet. I absolutely love his work... the guy inspires me. I've been thinking a lot about painting again.


tyler said...

happy anniversaries!!!!keep up the good're an inspiration to us all...well some of us at least. hope to see ya soon.


meg & critch said...

I just read Tyler's Blog. Congrats on the award...does it come with money? That would be even better...
and a belated happy anniversary!