Thursday, May 04, 2006

beauty and the beats

becky arrived home on tuesday from having spent two weeks in seattle. and i have to say that after being away for five of the last eight weeks she looks more beautiful now than she ever has before. it is true, the heart does grow fonder.

so the beauty informed me today that she has been nominated for a governor general's award. she is in the process of sending in an updated copy of her cv to york university who will submit the application or something like that. this is a very competitive award, although just to be nominated means that you have accomplished a great deal in you field of study and your advisors feel that your are one of the best young minds to recently graduate with a phd. believe me when it comes to chemistry she is brilliant. her dissertation is this huge red book and i can't even get through the abstract. don't get me wrong, she is smart when it comes to other things in life but when she talks science sometimes my head hurts.

i am so proud of her, she is brilliant, beautiful and a great mum.

me on the other hand. well i am about to complete my rock climbing course (which i loved). and i am about to start planning my trip to longs peak this summer, i have some physical training to do but that is secondary to knowing what it means to be a mountaineer.


meg & critch said...

(insert Irish accent here)

Och! You Anderson boys must've kissed the Blarney stone.

Congrats Becky! Just think how you were going to be only a lowly highschool teacher. Good for you!

Pete said...

Congrats Becky. I am hoping for you to win.