Saturday, May 20, 2006

A boat to Mexico

I’ve heard that some people have little books where they write down the funny things their kids say. I think that if I had a book, which I don’t, I would be writing down entire conversations, like this one:

Earlier today, in mom and dad’s room, Kai on the bed waving around his new “John Deere tractor blanket” that I made out of a fitted sheet for him: Mom, we’re on a boat.

Me, sitting in front of the laptop computer, which lives on my sewing table when the machine is stowed, same room: We are? What kind of boat?

Kai: A white boat.

Me: Oh… really?

Kai: Um, yeah. A white boat. And I’m the driver. And you’re a passen’er, and dad is a passen’er, and Jake is a passen’er. And I’m the driver.

Me: You are? Wow… lucky you.

Kai: Yep. Someone needs to drive, and I’m the driver. Drive drive drive drive drive!

Me: where are we going?

Kai: to Mexico!

Me: really, Mexico?

Kai: Yeah, to Mexico, to your work!

Me: So what kind of boat is this?

Kai: (indignant that I’ve already forgotten) It’s a white boat!

Me: But is it a sailboat, or a motorboat?

Kai: It’s a sailboat.

Me: Are we going to leave straight from Denver?

Kai: No, we’re going to leave from BOULDER.

Me: Oh… I don’t know if that’s possible, Kai. I don’t know if there’s water that goes straight to Mexico from Boulder.

Kai: (distracted) Drive drive drive drive drive…

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