Friday, May 05, 2006

Seattle revisited...

I forgot to take the USB cable for my camera to Seattle - which means that I wasn't able to share any photos until now. I've also recently uploaded all my recent pictures to the easypix site (contact us if you don't know how to get to them) from Mexico, Seattle, and from the in-between-time when B was visiting.

This is from the ferry flight from Boulder to Seattle when we intercompared with the NASA DC-8. They were significantly closer to us this time. This was somewhere in California.

This is from a fly-by we did of Mt. Bachelor (~9000') in Washington. There is a research station at the top of the chairlift, which you can JUST make out on the left side of the photo - just below the summit.

Downtown Seattle, from somewhere over Puget Sound.

And of course, some touristy things...

The Space Needle, although we didn't go up. We have the C-130 to see Seattle from above.

At the butterfly pavilion in the Science Center (sic) where I found my inner child again. What's the first thing four scientists do when they explore a new city? I know - let's go to the science center!

Covert shot of the original Star Wars toys at the Science Fiction Museum - I was in true geekdom heaven there.

The Pike Place Farmer's market - sadly, it closed just as we arrived.


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Becky said...

I took that picture for you, Tyler. :) I was wondering whether or not you'd comment... and yes, it WAS *very* cool. You'd like the place, if you can ever get to Seattle. Between Star Wars, Aliens and Star Trek, you can easily see where Paul Allen's science fiction passions lay. There are two side-by-side museums: the "Science Fiction Museum" and the "Experience Music Project" - aka "lets learn about old guitars, grunge and Jimi Hendrix", together developed to show off some of Paul Allen's (the fourth richest man in the world, Bill Gates' partner) array of treasures. He's got a LOT of stuff! I also *really* enjoyed the little art show "Double Take", which was an art show from his collection including four Monets, a Manet, a couple Gaugins, a Seurat, a Rothko, a Turner, a Van Gogh, a de Koonig, and a bunch of others, new and old... VERY cool - all shown in these interesting "pairings". Art, music and science fiction... what more could you ask for?