Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quietly sewing

It is official: my voice is on vacation. What was an on-again/off-again raspy mess yesterday is today a rare throaty syllable bookended by apologetic whispers and enthusiastic gestures. It is good that I generally work alone, eh? I am mostly feeling alright, as per usual with my not-so-extensive laryngitis experience, I just can't talk. Alas. I just need my voice to return by next week because I'm off to Germany to give a talk, and I am going to need something other than whispering and gesturing to pull that off. I suppose that is obvious, considering the keyword "talk".

But I can still type...

I have been spending the majority of my free time over the last few evenings sewing a myriad of projects that are hopefully worthy of Christmas gift-giving next month. I would love to show them to you, but I'm afraid many of the recipients of the projects are faithful readers, so you're just going to have to wait until December when we are back from our travels and I can show off the spoils. Anyhow, the sewing has been productive. It often takes a deadline for me to get my act together to start a project, but what can I say - I'm task-oriented.

Last night I sat at my sewing table, listening anxiously to the Leaf game on the internet in the intermittent silences that fell between the whirrings of the machine (let's not talk about that game, shall we?). This was followed by some serious hand-sewing while I sat perched in front of the television, half-watching/half-listening to the Rockies homer their way into the World Series. Crafting and sports are united at last! (And Keith wasn't even home for much of this.) Oh, yes - I am a card-carrying, unapologetic member of the happy-go-lucky Rockies' bandwagon. It is great for the community, not to mention participation in the lunchtime conversation at work, which inevitably circles around sports for a decent percentage of the meal. I fade into my meal when the wave of conversation heads towards college sports (how can anyone remember all those schools?!), but I can hold my own with hockey, and I'm almost up to speed with baseball and football. Go Packers!


meg & critch said...

Sorry to hear about your voice.

My brother loses his voice for a week, every single spring without fail. He has to spend the week rasping out dispatch instructions to drivers, and trying to make deals with customers. Very inconvenient.

Hope it comes back soon.

Shannon said...

I had that a couple of times - where you feel fine but have absolutely no voice at all - nothing above a whisper. Not even croak or a rasp.

SO inconvenient.

Once was during a soccer tournament and the other was during university when I had a part-time job as a cashier. Not so much fun :-P

I was going to call you this evening - but I guess maybe not?

Take care :)