Monday, October 01, 2007

Yellowstone Revisited

I know. Another long silence... No excuses, just average busyness. My folks have been visiting, I've been traveling, and life has been trucking on. Blogging has taken a significant backseat - my Google Reader is jam-packed with over 300 blog entries, and I am seriously considering cutting out about two thirds of my feeds.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon being very domestic. In addition to vacuuming almost all the carpeting, mopping all the lineoleum and doing three loads of laundry, I made two batches of curried butternut squash soup (with Braeburn apples and shallots, about 2 gallons in total), two batches of lasagna, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies (because there should always be chocolate chip cookies.) Still on the agenda for this week are a couple pies, as well as a shopping trip to acquire the fixings for a turkey dinner. This will be the first time that our family has been together for (Canadian) Thanksgiving since we moved to the U.S. - two years ago Keith was at a wedding in Maine, and last year he and Kai went to Canada for a family reunion. So to mark the occasion, we've invited over a few other families for a turkey dinner. This will be my, uh... second time cooking a turkey. I find that amusing.

Oh - did I promise something from Yellowstone? We went... it was lovely. We saw a bunch of elk, a lot of bison, a coyote, and a few mule deer. We saw many many pronghorns on our way to the park while driving through Wyoming. We even saw a mommy black bear and two little black cubs, but the best black bear was this little guy, given to Kai by the nice lady at the Mammoth Springs gift shop. His name is somewhere between Hugger, Cuddles, Bear, Blueberry and Strawberry. We're all confused now.

Highlights, apart from the free stuffed black bear:

Seeing a rainbow at Old Faithful.

Watching a bison cross the road right in front of our van.

Seeing water squirt out of the ground.

Having toques to stay warm when the weather turned chilly.

Sharing it all with my parents.

Finally, my favourite ominous photo.


Kate said...

That last photo looks fake! Amazing. Happy (early) Thanksgiving! Good luck with your Turkey, I've only ever made 1.

obsessiveskier said...

So glad you guys had a good trip. Let's compare our Yellowstone photos next time we're together.

Don Mills Diva said...

Just discovered your blog - wow. Really, really lovely stuff here. Beautiful photos. Will definitely be back.


Anonymous said...

Mom says: great pictures.... your parnets look good are they feeling ok? Please fdo not cut Kai hair before you come to Canada, I love the cyrls. See you soon.

Becky said...

Katie - the turkey-cooking could have gone better, but I am willing to accept that it *wasn't my fault*. :) Maybe next time everything will work out.

Kelly - thanks for visiting! I'll be sure to drop by your blog, too...

Rowena - My parents are both doing well, thanks. :) As for Kai's curls... uh... too late. Even in these pictures, although they're cute, they were starting to get a little unruly, so he had a haircut a week ago. However, I didn't cut it too short, so it should be filling in nicely by the time we come back.