Monday, October 08, 2007

Bathtime blogging

So my Thanksgiving resolution is to squeeze blogging time into otherwise potentially inactive times. Right now I'm camped out in the upstairs hallway, watching Kai pull all of his bath toys into the tub and feeling the damp heat of Jake's breath on my leg. (It's safe to assume that wherever I am when I'm home, he's within a 3-foot radius of me.) I don't have to sit here, mind you. I'm beyond the stage where I feel I have to be in the bathroom while Kai plays for 15 minutes in the bathtub.

Aside - when exactly, are we allowed to do that without feeling guilty? Someone once told me that they heard of a person telling their child to sing while they were in the bathtub, so they just had to listen for the singing to stop. I have come running back to the bathroom when I heard dead silence for a moment, but it wasn't an issue. After all, a kid who can swim in a pool where he can't touch *should* be okay in a bathtub with his mother in the next room putting away laundry, but I still feel like a terrible mom when I have to run downstairs to grab something because accidents can happen. Anyhow, I digress SO terribly...

But I am wondering if Children's Aid is going to be bursting in on me in the next few minutes.

All that to say that I could be folding and putting away laundry, or wiping down the counter in the bathroom, or filing away some necessary documents in the office/spare room.

But I'm not. I'm here with you, because, well, I've been neglecting you again. It's not that I'm doing it intentionally... there are just a lot of other things that need to get done when I've got free time.

Like making the Christmas presents. I know, it's only October, but I've got a weird deadline this year.

Oh oh - here's something cute to tell you that will make this rambling nonsensical post all worthwhile:

The backstory is that last year I purchased a pair of bike leggings and a long-sleeve bike shirt from Keith's work - they were very much on sale and then some with his discount. I hadn't actually worn them until today. It's not that I haven't wanted to - they're just a little on the "athletic" side for work. Well, this morning it ws 37°F as I was leaving for work, and the high was 70°F, so I had the opportunity to use my bike clothing. I ended up changing back into said clothing when I left to come home.

So, this afternoon I entered the house with Kai greeting me at the door and asking me to come cuddle with him on the couch. I said "okay, just let me get changed", to which he replied "no, your outfit is perfect. It's perfect." He sized up my bike clothes. "Yep. You look perfect."

I said "really? wow... thanks sweetie. That's very nice."

And he said, "Well, you look good enough. Yeah... good enough. C'mon to the couch."

Good enough?

Gee thanks.

Ah... the nuances of compliments.

Anyhow, that was almost two hours ago. I just got changed out of those clothes a few minutes ago. But apparently they were "good enough".

What else what else?

Oh yeah, our oven died yesterday while we were cooking a 12.5 pound turkey for 20 hungry people. That was great.

Thankfully Scott and Brian, our quick-thinking and even-quicker-acting friends dashed out to buy 5 rotisserie chickens. Aren't rotisserie chickens great? And so are Scott and Brian. Thanks friends. All in all, it was a rather chaotic evening, but we still had fun. After all, it beats having spaghetti for thanksgiving anyday. Not to mention that thanks to our neighbours and their functioning oven, we now have a good supply of turkey leftovers. Soup anyone?

Anyhow, I should really wash this kid before he turns pruny. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


bubandpie said...

I've been seeing so many resolutions lately to cut back on blogging - it's nice to see someone vowing to blog more.

obsessiveskier said...

Thanks for throwing such great parties! We had a great time with you guys on Sunday night. Thanks also for not getting too mad when Sophie and I spilled that bottle of Sleeman on your floor. Her sock still smells like a frat party (time to do the laundry). Hope you carpet is better.