Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Our family got sick last night. Well, two of us. Around 5 AM we woke to the sound of "Daddy? Daddy! Dad!" I groggily took pleasure in the fact that Kai was calling for Keith, deciding that it was likely his turn anyway. The night before Kai had wandered into our room, and it wasn't until I returned from putting him back to bed that Keith woke up and asked if Kai had been up.

I rolled over, swallowed, and was immediately aware that my throat was sore. I tried to go back to sleep, gradually realizing that I heard water running, people moving about, and hushed voices.

It seems that Kai had thrown up on his bed. Keith thought that perhaps he had just coughed and triggered something, but a couple hours later while he was cuddling with me on our bed (normal morning procedure), he jumped up and ran to the bathroom to throw up again. It wasn't just a gag reflex - he has the stomach flu. The poor little bub is pale, feverish and very groggy. I felt well enough to go to work, but more than happy to come home during the day to stay with Kai while Keith went to work at the Rec Center. I just finished a bowl of turkey soup (so yummy) that Keith made yesterday, following an hour or so of cuddling with Kai on the couch while we watched some of his PBS Kids favourites. I certainly wouldn't say that I enjoy that Kai is sick, but I certainly enjoy his willingness (delight) to just collapse onto me for over an hour. Even more, I'm thankful that I can be here with him.


meg & critch said...

Hey! We're sick too. We caught it from my Dad and brother on the weekend. Now Critch, my sister-in- and myself have it. We aren't throwing up though...poor Kai. Just a really bad exhausting grumpy cold.

Hope you feel better soon.

Becky said...

Hey Meg - I'm sorry to hear you guys are sick. Kai is feeling better now, but I'm still feeling like my sinuses are at a different atmospheric pressure than the rest of my head.