Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First day of the season

I know that many runs have been open for weeks (months?), but this was my first time out this season.

I know my goggles look crooked, but they weren't. Honest.

The ol' "through the goggles" shot. My new goggles are rose-tinted. Everything is so pretty with rose-coloured goggles.

This signpost made me laugh. Here we are, coming down the hill, and we're presented with these two options. I know it's hard to read, so I blew it up a little for you:

Hmm... should I take the more difficult run, or the run that is more difficult? Maybe it's the nerd in me, but I found this funny.

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obsessiveskier said...

Yea Becky!

We need to go skiing soon with Meg & my girls.