Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow and chocolate

My jealously over the copious amount of snow that has fallen on southern Ontario came to an abrupt end today.

We're currently at ~3" and counting, with as much as 7" predicted. (That's 17.78 of your Canadian centimetres, Christian.) I know - it's nothing compared to what happened in Port Sydney, but what it does mean is that there is a LOT of snow in the mountains, and that makes for great skiing.

*cue Becky daydreaming...

{shoop shoop shoop}

If only I was that elegant on skis.

Anyhow, it is absolutely beautiful here. Not so much fun to drive in, but I've never been afraid of a little snow and ice on the roads. Growing up in Barrie helped with that.

The best thing about being outside in the snow? Having hot chocolate with your lunch.

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