Monday, August 20, 2007


This past Wednesday I went under the knife to have a fatty mass removed from my neck. I asked the surgeon about a month ago if I it wasn't removed would it eventually look like a goiter - he said no. Nonetheless I decided to have it removed. The surgery went well, but how do I know, I was under general anesthesia. Thankfully I didn't have any side effects from being in lala land. My recovery has gone quite well, I really haven't had any pain to speak of just some minor discomfort for the first day after surgery. The incision looks good so I won't have to go to my follow up appointment on Wednesday, which is good, one less copay. The surgeon used internal dissolvable stitches with some dermal glue, he said the scar should disappear over the next six months but I'm not too concerned about looking like a tough guy.


obsessiveskier said...

To all who may read this, know this:

Keith was very brave.

Glad to hear you're healing up, friend!

Keithbeats said...

as kai would say "mad props" to the kelly family for taking care of kai and i on wednesday and thursday. it was an innocent omission on my part in the story to tell everyone what great friends we have here in colorado.

Dwayne said...

After a surgery a few years ago, I decided to make phone calls after surgery but before the general anesthesia had fully worn off. Apparently I made a lot of people laugh (at me, not with me).